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The fertilizer is a dry, granular material with slow release nitrogen. The percentage is tailored to the lawn conditions and the timing of the application.

Broadleaf Weed Control

The Broadleaf weed control is applied in liquid form and is a systemic weed killer.

Crabgrass Control

Prevention is the key to Crabgrass control. Preemergence control is typically applied with the first two fertilization applications of the year. 

Grub Proofing Application

Prevention is the key to Grub control. This application kills the grubs when they hatch. A preventative insecticide is applied in mid-June, timed to the third fertilization application.

Core Aeration

A type of mechanical, lawn aeration that removes small plugs of soil and thatch. This process reduces soil compaction and creates a channel where oxygen and nutrients to reach the grass root zone.

Vegetation Control

Treating areas where you may not want vegetation to grow (driveways, patios, fence lines, etc.).

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